What we offer


The jump from GCSE to A-levels can be quite a shock to students and therefore we urge clients to begin A-level tutoring, at the very least, a few weeks before September.

This will allow students to go in feeling more confident in their lessons at school and ensure they are ahead of subject content prior to starting.

At A-levels we not only focus on the subject content but we also help them find the study technique that works for them and allow them to come up with study timetables which is targeted at their strengths and weakness in the subject.

We cover Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths for A-levels and all our lead tutors specialise in their subject. Lessons can take place either via online tutoring or face-to-face.

The A-level course is a lot more intensive and we would recommend that clients take up our option on a lead holistic educator to help their child through the 2 years.