Bright Science Academy was founded by a young and enthusiastic science teacher who strongly believes in getting pupils to create a strong 'relationship' with science. To see learning as an enjoyable process. She's fed up of seeing pupils learn 'robot fashion', she wants to see pupils in action! Our tutor has trained many teachers in Malaysia and has been the head of science whilst doing her normal teaching duties. She has taught at schools in the UK as well as in Malaysia.

She had been graded 'outstanding' in her school placements and has also been recognised as an outstanding teacher by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Our mission is to promote interest within the science sector by creating a student centered approach to learning science. Bright Science Academy aims to dismiss theory and provide a practical and more engaging way to learn every topic in the curriculum! It is definitely possible to get rid of the more 'traditional' board-pen style of teaching and to promote a more hands-on way of learning science...both online and face to face.

Bright Science Academy is aimed at students from year 7 to 11 (For all three Sciences) and year 12-13 (For Chemistry). However, we do encourage students from year 6 to join in to get a head start in their learning.


Bright Science Academy has a unique and fun way of bringing science to light! We follow the UK curriculum with the structure being coordinated by colour codes to ensure an excellent break down and understanding of the topics.

Bright Science Academy also has a Social Platform through which students will be able to ask for urgent help. There will be online tests and lots more! Memberships vary and there is one to suit every student’s needs.

Each topic consists of videos, powerpoints, summary mindmaps, worksheets and exam style questions from various examining bodies.

Experiments are carried out and recorded in a real laboratory! The videos are fun, interactive and applied to real life. Science should be taught in no other way!

Bright Science Academy takes pride in its holiday courses on;
- Answering exam style questions
- Common misconceptions
- Building laboratory skills
- Biology crash course
- Chemistry crash course
- Physics crash course

These will be based in both London and Hertfordshire. Venues are subject to change for each holiday and course.

Now offering Maths and English!

please contact us for more information